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The Latest Development on Remote Sensing Techniques

The Latest Progress on Image Processing Techniques

· Supervised and unsupervised Image Classification

· Pollution Monitoring Techniques.

· Cartography

· Development on Environmental Applications

· Observation and Monitoring Hazard Natural Catastrophes

· Water Resources and Petroleum Exploration Techniques

· Surveying and Geo-referencing Applications

· GIS Techniques

· Multispectral Image Fusion

· Agricultural Implementations

· Newest Sensors Techniques

· Biometric Techniques on Fingerprint, Eye's Iris, Human Face, Handwriting, and Signature, Recognition, Identification, and Authentication.

· Medical and Hygienically Applications

· Image Enhancement, Restoration, Compression Methods

· Image Segmentation, Edge Detection, and Boundary Tracing Methods

· Morphological image processing, Thinning, Thickening, Skeletons

· Image Transformation Methods

· Astronomical Image Processing

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